Together we can do this! Mask mandate & virtual fitness classes

Masks in fitness classes

Last week the Governor strengthened the mask mandate to require face coverings in public places regardless of the ability to social distance. For our staff, that means wearing masks all the time now including when they are teaching fitness classes. The only exception is our swim instructors wear plastic face shields when they are in the water teaching lessons with children.

For you, the mask mandate means wearing a multi-layer, tight-fitting face covering into The Y and continuing to wear it during your workout. As we are all finding out, it takes some fine tuning and practice to figure out which face covering works best for each of us. We have been impressed with how well everyone is adapting to our new normal. Our fitness staff is responsive to the challenges of working out with masks and we are offering some lower intensity workouts and some alternative workouts as we find our way through this stage of the mask mandate.

Let’s all continue to do our part; self-screening before you come to The Y, staying home when you are not well and continuing to smile under those masks. Together we can do this! Getting our communities healthy again is the goal.

We realize that for some people working out solo is currently the best option. That’s why we are excited to announce that we are enhancing our virtual options. There are new private Facebook groups for the membership of The Wiggins Center and the Lawrence Center where instructors will be doing Facebook Live classes. You can find the private Facebook groups by following these links or searching for DEF YMCA- Wiggins Virtual Fitness and DEF YMCA- Blue Hill Virtual Fitness. We will also send links to pre-recorded classes to our active older adults and those not on Facebook as well as zoom classes in Blue Hill. If you would like help finding any of these virtual options or need assistancce getting set-up, our staff is available.

Thank you for your cooperation and support during this recent increase in COVID-19 cases throughout our state. Together we can stay healthy and enjoy all that our Y has to offer.

Be safe – thank you!
Peter D. Farragher