Robin Clarke

Fitness Director

Robin has worked for Y Fitness since 2005. She is a personal trainer and loves to motivate people and help them to reach their goals and get healthy. Along with her other duties, Robin leads kettlebell interval and circuit training classes. She also trains clients from ages 10 to 100 and has a passion for working with people with special needs and individuals during their cancer recovery program. She was responsible for bringing Zumba to the down east area in 2009. In 2019, Robin was recognized by the Sub5 running club as Race Director of the year. She recently became a certified running coach and is ready to help you reach your running goals.

Robin has two children Colby and Javen, who have grown up at the Y and are excellent soccer players.

She lives in Ellsworth with Chief and cats Charlotte and Wilbur. She enjoys hiking, running and snowshoeing.

With DEFY since 2005.