Swim Teams Practice Times Affect Pool Schedules

After a post-season break, our swim teams are getting back to the pools starting on June 1st. Until they get out of school the week of June 21st, they are going to be using some morning and afternoon practice times which affects lap times.

We are going to pause all swim lane reservations for the three week period from June 1-21st. All lap swim will be on a first come, first served basis and, please check out the pool schedules before you come for lap swim.

Please note that there are tabs across the bottom to ensure you are looking at the correct time period.

We are going to go back to signing up for aquatics classes in multi-week sessions. If you currently sign up for aquatics classes with the front desk, this means less checking in to sign up for class. Each seven week session only needs one sign up with the front desk or online signup via our website.

Without COVID restrictions on our pools and limits on its usage we are using this transitional time to evaluate which pandemic measures we liked, i.e. reservations, signups and which make sense to keep going forward. We appreciate your feedback at our front desks, with our aquatic instructors or via our feedback cards in each lobby.