Sheena’s Story

Sheena Whittaker


In some ways the YMCA pool has been our second home. Following in my husband’s footsteps, my children learned to swim at a very young age and then went on to be on the swim team until graduating from high school. Being somewhat afraid of the water (and not liking to be cold) I experienced the Y from the pool deck. However, it is never too late and two years ago I took the plunge and learned to swim! Now I swim 3-4 times a week – yes actual laps with goggles and not touching the bottom! The Y has been instrumental in my family’s health for 30 years and counting. More so, as a Pediatrician, I see the broad reach of the YMCA in our community as it provides health (sports for all ages), well being (kind and supportive staff) and safety (afterschool programs) for people of all ages.

When the Y closed due to COVID we missed our routine and our exercise. We are happy to be back at the Y swimming. Things are different – we now get screened for symptoms and fever, we only use certain lockers, we make a reservation for our lane. All of which makes us feel safe while being able to get back to our previous “normal” routine.