Sara’s Story

Sara became a Y member as a toddler, joining in playgroups from the age of three. At age five, she started soccer and gymnastics through The Y’s partnership with Springer’s. She has been active in YMCA programming ever since. 

The YMCA shutdown this spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic was hard for Sara. Coming to The Y to workout was a part of her routine. She could no longer use the fitness equipment she didn’t have access to at home. It was more difficult for her to stay in shape for the sports and athletic lifestyle she loves. She wasn’t able to see and talk to the people she has come to be friends and count on with at The Y.

The best thing about coming back was that it inspired her to workout more because she was so excited to regain access to all the equipment and opportunities at The Wiggins Center. It was nice to see all they were offering the community to try to help people who were being impacted by the pandemic. She noticed equipment had been moved farther apart to allow for social distancing.

In Sara’s own words, “The Y is important to me because it helps connect me with people and helps build a loving community for people of all ages.”

Thanks, Sara. We love being connected to you too as a part of our community.