Request for Support: A Letter to Blue Hill Residents

Lawrence Family Fitness Center

Dear Blue Hill Residents,

On April 2 at the Blue Hill Annual Meeting, residents will be asked to vote on whether the town should raise their support from $5,000 to $20,000 for the Blue Hill YMCA. Blue Hill has historically supported the YMCA, with funds supporting scholarships and programming in Ellsworth and Blue Hill. This year, all support from Blue Hill, as well as the other supporting communities on the Peninsula, will stay with the Blue Hill YMCA.

If the YMCA has had a positive impact on you, your family, or friends and neighbors, I ask that you show your support by voting for the Town of Blue Hill to approve the full amount of the ask. I won’t be in attendance this year because I am taking 8 swimmers from the YMCA’s Swim Team to the National Championships in North Carolina. Peter Farragher, the CEO of the Down East Family YMCA will be on hand to answer questions.

This year the YMCA is requesting a significant amount more than in past years. The reason for the increase is the increase scope of the Y’s work for the Town of Blue Hill. I have highlighted some of the impact we have had on the community since we opened our doors in the new Lawrence Family Fitness Center.

In the past the Town’s support provided:

  • Free usage for citizens on Saturday and Sunday from 1-5 pm.
  • Sports programs were able to participate in the Y league for no charge, however
  • The Y only provided scheduling of teams into the Y league
  • The Y did not provide registration, coordination of practices, recruitment and oversight of volunteers or facility management such as cleaning and care of home games. This is a great value and the savings to the town exceeded what we requested.

The 2022 request provides significant added value due to the opening of the Lawrence Family Fitness Center.

  • All Funds received from Peninsula Towns are designated for the Blue Hill Y operations.
  • Free Usage of the Center has expanded. We now provide free usage for citizens on Friday nights 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday 1 – 5 pm. A savings of $10 per visit for each citizen.
  • We will provide a 7 week session of water safety for up to 25 children in grade 2. A benefit now easier to utilize due to location.
  • The YMCA would provide the administration, marketing and management of the youth sports program for the Town of Blue Hill. Fees for kids to participate in recreation sports would average $45.00 per session; presently they are at $65.00 per session.
  • As part of the supporting community program, the Y would ask the Town to have a representative participate in our Recreation committee to help develop a comprehensive recreation program for the peninsula that caters to all ages, youth through seniors. A great opportunity.

Now for some statistics of the impact of the Blue Hill YMCA in one short year.

January 2021 – December 31, 2021:

  • 1,577 members enrolled. -782 are from Blue Hill. 49.5% of our membership.
  • The Y provided $21,174 in membership support in 2021. $10,481 was provided to citizens of Blue Hill representing 164 people.
  • We had 39,363 visits in 2021 and 15,870 visits were people from Blue Hill
  • Finally, this fall a new gymnasium will be open for all to enjoy and the programming opportunities are endless.

I hope everyone sees the value and opportunity that the Y’s request provides and I ask you to support this warrant at $20,000.

I appreciate your consideration in supporting the Blue Hill YMCA. If there is ever anything that you believe the Y could do for our community, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


Matt Montgomery
Branch Executive

Blue Hill YMCA