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Blue Hill Fitness Classes
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Abs and Arms

Like the name says, this class focuses on strengthening and toning the abdominal muscles and arms.  

Advanced Stay Active

Focuses on balance, agility, cardio, core, and mat work!

Energetic Yoga

In this class we will practice hatha yoga poses (asanas) and deep, regular breathing to boost strength, balance, and overall vitality. Modifications will be encouraged. All ages and levels are welcome! Please bring your own mat and a blanket or towel.

Express Train

An intensive strength training class that can be modified for any level. Format varies. May use weights, kettlebells, body weight exercises.

Fabulous 50 Plus Fitness Class

Are you over 50 and looking for a gentle introduction to strength training? This beginners level strength training class is the class for you! 

Just Dance

Cardio dancing similar to Zumba. Lots of fun for anyone!

Power Hour

Often incorporates TRX stregth training moves as well as body weight workouts to deliver an intense hour of body sculpting. Group goal is to do unassisted pull-up(s).

Meditative Posture Yoga

This class is a combination of stretching and strengthening. Warm up stretches are followed by postures with longer holding times, with focus on the breath. All levels/ages are welcome, and modifications will be offered. Please bring a mat, and blanket/towel.

Restorative Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is for all levels. In this style of yoga, we’ll be working with the inter-connective tissues and the ligaments that surround your joints- all areas that are not normally nourished in more active styles of exercise. This 60-minute, full class stretch is the perfect complement to cardio, weight lifting, or HIIT workouts. It’s great for the body, mind, and soul. It helps to reduce stress and helps you to relax for a good night sleep. Do it once or twice a week and watch your flexibility increase. Yin is the ultimate style of yoga for cross-training or to replenish the body and mind after stress or an injury. All poses are floor based. No standing postures. We will end all classes with a 10 minute resting posture called Savasana. Please bring a blanket to compliment your practice.

Slow Hatha Yoga

This class is designed for all levels. It will help you quiet your mind, connect with your breath, and calm your body. Slowing down your yoga flow can be extremely rewarding, since it allows you to be more aware of your body as you take your time with transitions and you hold poses for longer periods of time. This class begins with breathing and includesgreat openers for the legs, hips, back, and shoulders before sinking into savasana. It focuses on holding poses for up to five minutes, This helps blood flow and increases your flexibility over time. This style of yoga can help with relaxation and mental patience since the poses are held for a longer time.

Social Cycling

Indoor Cycling for all levels.

Sports Medicine Clinics

If you are having some ache or pain that is preventing you from exercise, Variable Movement will provide a 10 minute screening to help you to move better, or figure out next steps moving forward. The goal is to prevent serious injuries from occurring by catching them early to keep you thriving through movement.

Stability Ball Drumming

This fun 30 Minute class brings together music, drumsticks, and stability balls using exercise ball and the floor as your drum. Moderate cardio exercise and rhythmic patterns. Drumming helps with cognition, memory, and body movement. You do not need to be a drummer to take this class.

Stay Active

Focuses on balance, agility, cardio and strength as well as exercises to help with everyday activities. 

Strengthen, Sweat & Stretch

With the emphasis on concious movement and practicing at one’s own comfort level, this one hour class is organized by motivating music. Song tempos guide the beat of the class, beginning slowly and building energy incrementally. Several faster-paced songs direct kicks, lunges, circular moves , reaching high, sinkinf low, Etc. (Movement forms are derived from Martial Arts, Dance, and Yoga) The tempo drops again, finishing with a series of stretches on the floor. Goals include: Full range of motion in every joint, enhanced balance, better coordination, whole body conditioning, increased flexibility, a sharper mind, less stress, more smiling.


This high-intensity workout uses a variety of equipment including mats, dumbbells, kettle bells and your own body weight. Bursts of high intensity are followed by short rest periods which allow your heart rate to come down a little before coming up again. The key is to continue moving during the short bursts of work. Exercises can be modified for any fitness level.


Using the TRX suspension trainer and your own body weight as resistance this workout combines stregnth and intervals for an all over strength building and toning good time.

Vinyasa Yoga

The Sanskrit translation of Vinyasa is connection, and that is the basis of the Vinyasa Flow Yoga class. The connection between breath and movement. One breath, one movement. Vinyasa flow is fast paced, usually accompanied by upbeat, energetic music and intended to bring awareness and some heat to the body while moving intentionally through the poses. This yoga class will help get you moving, reduce stress and even improve heart health. Come burn off some stress and jam with me in a Vinyasa Flow Yoga class.