Childcare Rates

Over the years, our organization has identified a trend in the amount of hours families need for care for their child throughout the day. We believe the enrollment cost should honestly reflect the diverse flexibility we are able to offer each family. We have formulated an enrollment structure that accommodates the working family schedule as well as our staffing demands.

Our pricing structure will:

  • Allow you to choose an enrollment rate that matches your family schedule.
  • Allow you to create your unique time slot within a 9 hour, 10 hour, 11, or 12 hour* day.
  • Offer a 5% discount if you choose to pay monthly. Payments are requested the first of each month for current services.
  • Offer a $5.00 discount for each sibling enrolled.
  • Offer a YMCA member rate of a $5.00 discount per week. Ask how you can take out a youth or family membership to save!

The pricing structure guidelines are as follows:

  • Please commit to a 9 hour, 10 hour, 11 hour, or 12 hour* time slot. (This does not apply to half-day enrollment.)
  • There is a ten minute grace period per day should you find you are over your scheduled time slot. There will be a $10.00 charge for each hour you are over your time slot per day.
  • Changes to your time slot may be reviewed by your program coordinator and adjusted should an unforeseen circumstance arise and staffing patterns allow.  We ask for a two week notice for any schedule changes. Our staffing patterns are reviewed and adjusted every two weeks.

*12 hour time slot is available at our Beechland Road location only.