Lori’s Story

Lori joined The Y in 2016. She has been working out on her own but would like to start taking group fitness yoga classes in the new year. 

When The Y closed last March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lori remembers it being extremely difficult at first to get motivated with home workouts. She had been working out regularly at The Blue Hill Y and because of that effort she’s put in she felt motivated to stay healthy at home during the closure. She felt the loss of the daily routine and not seeing staff and other members, and that was hard. 

The best part of the reopening for Lori was seeing her exercise tribe again and getting back to the exercise routine and equipment she had pushed herself to love and need those past few years.

The changes that have occurred since reopening she’s noticed have been trying to stay safe and keep others safe and comfortable by making sure everyone is masked at all times and making sure everyone cleans the equipment regularly. 

Having The Y in Blue Hill has been a blessing for Lori. Before 2016 and her Y membership she had never gone to a gym and she’s so grateful to feel so comfortable and welcome at the Blue Hill YMCA.