Justine’s Story

Justine became a member of the Blue Hill YMCA six years ago when she enrolled her daughter in The Y’s childcare program. There is a child care discount for YMCA members and that was the push Justine needed to join. 

Her favorite fitness classes are the White Board Workouts and High Intensity Interval Training classes with Wellness Director Joy Bragdon. Justine credits Joy for introducing her to a new level of fitness and with seeing exponential gains in a short period of time. 

During the spring of 2020 when The Y was closed due to COVID-19, she remembers an overall sense of doom. Although mostly focused on the pandemic, the idea of being isolated and unable to work out with friends exacerbated her feelings of anxiety. She remembers on the first day The Y reopened, she sat outside in the spring sunshine catching up with the YMCA staff members she had so dearly missed. 

Justine loves the new Lawrence Family Fitness Center and what it has added to The Blue Hill YMCA. She loves the state of the art fitness equipment which makes the cumbersomeness of wearing a mask while working out more comfortable and bearable. She is so glad to be back at it.