June 5th Message from our CEO – Some Good News!

This past week your YMCA open our child care centers at the Moore Community Center and Beechland Road Early Learning Center. We’re happy to report the opening went off like a charm. Children, parents and staff were thrilled to see each other and only a few youngsters experienced a separation issue. However, once they saw their friends, life was good! On the Y’s website you will find the COVID 19 safety protocols we are following to keep everyone safe.

The YMCA Pickleball Courts will be finished by early next week for everyone to enjoy. Our very good friends at Wallace Events placed a beautiful tent on the courts to help with shade for outdoor classes and creating a festive atmosphere as we play outdoors. Perry’s Lobster Shack will also be in our lot for people to enjoy. Perry’s will be donating a portion of their sales to the Y’s camp scholarship program to help kids come to camp.

Now for some great news! June 15th is a big day for our YMCA. First of all, the Wiggins Center and Blue Hill YMCA will re-open. Unfortunately the pool at Wiggins will be delayed due to a mechanical breakdown we are working feverishly to repair. Please note all members wishing to utilize the YMCA must sign a COVID 19 waiver prior to entering or engaging in activities. (The waiver can be downloaded from our website). Second, day camp will begin for the summer at both locations – Camp Discovery on Webb Pond in Eastbrook and the Young Bucks Camp in Bucksport. The camps’ safety protocols can also be found on our website along with the waiver form for a minor.

To say that all the staff is excited to reopen and see all our friends, members and colleagues is an understatement – we are over the moon! That being said, the Y is committed to following the CDC guidelines for COVID 19 safety and we believe that together, acting responsibly along with social distancing, we can manage this pandemic in our community.

Again, thank you for “Staying with Us.”

Until next Friday, thank you on behalf of the YMCA for doing your part by following the CDC guidelines to keep our community healthy and safe. We cannot let our guard down! #Staywithus

Until the next update!

Thank you.

Peter D. Farragher