Early Learning Center Playground Fundraiser

Designer plans for YMCA Playgrounds

The DEFY Early Learning Center has created a GoFundMe (click on link) page to help create a natural integration playground!

Imagine outdoor play spaces that will appeal to young and old alike; a place where interaction between children, adults, and seniors happen naturally through shared, nature inspired interests. The Natural Integration Playground is designed to invite the curiosities of children, teachers and senior visitors. Among rocks to climb, log stumps to jump, log beams to balance on, benches to rest and watch, boats to climb in, log blocks to build with and gardens to tend to, the play space will also incorporate a walking track around the perimeter for all to enjoy.

The Natural Integration Playgrounds incorporate the natural elements and materials of our beautiful state as well as objects and items to discover. We would like to eliminate all plastic play equipment that is not sustainable and introduce different textures found in nature.

The purpose of The Natural Integration Playgrounds is to extend opportunities for generations to form positive social relationships through shared daily connections. Being in an open, natural environment encourages endless possibilities. Movement, creativity, exploration, investigation, adventure, physical activity, fresh air, interactions, and play are the spirit of The Natural Integration Playgrounds.