Camp Discovery Staff

My name is Jodie Burckhard and I am your new Camp Discovery Director. I am thrilled to provide traditional Camp Discovery program favorites with an enhanced focus on our YMCA Core Values: Honesty, Caring, Respect and Responsibility. I am working diligently on recruiting Camp Staff and developing a comprehensive training program to ensure that all staff have the skills needed to be an impactful Camp Counselor and to ensure that our campers are properly supervised and supported all summer long.

My goals for this summer are:

Achievement: Fostering Accomplishments. Each day there will be an opportunity for physical, social-emotional, and cognitive learning experiences. Campers will have an opportunity to master skills, set individual and group goals and reflect on their achievements weekly.

Relationships: Building Friendships. Every day, staff will model the YMCA core values for the campers to emulate, and positive camper behaviors will be celebrated and recognized. Staff will get to know each camper and their individual interests and will encourage campers to build positive relationships with each other using group activities with an inclusive approach.

Belonging: A Place to Belong. Camp will have meaningful daily rituals that make Camp unique to include leading ceremonies, camp traditions and tons of singing. Campers will make individual choices each week as well as participate in group activities that will support campers unique interests.

Along with these goals, I believe in taking a proactive approach by creating clear behavior expectations and guidelines. Please notice the new Camper Agreement Form in the registration paperwork. This form needs to be reviewed by yourself and your camper and signed by both. I am also looking forward to providing open communication with families about the happenings at Camp Discovery on a regular basis through social media, emails, and a weekly Vlog: The Camp Discovery Bulletin.