Outdoor Pool Opens in Bucksport

Bucksport Pool Open

The Tim Emery Municipal Pool at 55 Broadway in Bucksport is now open!  The hours are Sunday – Saturday 11am – 6:00pm.

We are thrilled and want to say thank you to: Town Manager Susan Lessard and the entire Town Council for their commitment to getting this pool open this summer. Thank you.

We also want to thank Bob Wardwell from Wardwell construction and Mike’s Pool for the work they have done – it is beautiful.  Finally, our deepest thanks to David Keene for his leadership in getting this project done. David, the kids of the greater Bucksport Community thank you!

The pool will be managed this summer under the guidelines of the Maine CDC.

Key points for you to know as you come to the pool:

  1. The maximum amount of people allowed in the fenced in area of the pool, including the building is 50. This does not include staff.
  2. Doors will be open at all times so no one needs to touch the doors when entering or exiting.
  3. If there is a waiting line, please see the tape on the sidewalk to stay six feet apart.
  4. When entering, everyone will be checked in and asked to provide their name, address and a contact number. A temperature check will be given along with entry questions. A waiver must be signed for entry. Waivers can be found on the YMCA or Town of Bucksport website. We will record your entry time.
  5. If we are at our maximum number a time limit of 1 hour of usage will be enforced.
  6. If there is a wait to enter, we will give you a ticket. When your number is called you may enter. Please stay close to hear us call your number.
  7. Face coverings are required when entering the building and on deck when social distancing is not occurring. Face coverings are not needed when in the pool.
  8. PLEASE social distance even when you are in the pool.
  9. Bathrooms and changing areas are open and will be disinfected on an hourly basis.
  10. No pool toys will be allowed. Goggles and Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) area allowed.

We know these are difficult times but working together we will enjoy this wonderful pool and keep everyone safe.