Bob & Nikki’s Story

Bob & Nikki's Story

Bob & Nikki's cardio

Bob started the Cardiac Rehab Phase 3 program at The Y in 2006 and Nikki joined as a spouse to support him. Cardiac Rehab is a referral program from area cardiologists for patients who have completed physical therapy following a cardiac event. 

Bob finds he tends to stay at home quite a bit and and when The Y closed this spring due to the COVID-19, he found he was not getting out much. He missed coming and being around the group. He and Nikki enjoy the music, the strength training and cardio workouts and the friends they’ve made over the last 14 years. 

When The Y reopened in June they were more than happy to come back. They noticed and appreciated the safety changes made and felt safe coming back to their group in their beloved class. Easing back into the fitness and routine and seeing friends they’ve had for years felt good. Bob uses the same arc trainer every session and he missed his machine. 

The couple enjoy the socialization, the group workouts and the friends they’ve made in the years since they were first referred. They enjoy the program so much they’ve recruited their neighbors to join! 

The Cardiac Rehab program has been going for as long as any of us can remember – at least 27 years! Because of dedicated participants like Bob and Nikki, we are committed to keeping it strong. 

Bob & Nikki's Story