DEFY Blue Lobsters bring home Special Olympics ribbons

DEFY Blue Lobsters Swim Team

On March 29th, our Blue Lobsters Swim Team competed in the Special Olympics Maine Regional swim competition. Teams from Penobscot, Hancock and Piscataquis counties swam at the Bangor YMCA. The Blue Lobsters were coached by Sharon Longley and came home with nineteen 1st place ribbons, six 2nd place ribbons, two 3rd place ribbons, and one 4th place!

In 2024, our Blue Lobsters swim team has more than doubled our team size. We practice out of the Blue Hill YMCA with athletes coming from all over the area –  from Trenton, to Steuben and as far away as Hartland!

Individual scores

Megan Gellerson: 1st in 15yd float, 3rd in 25yd float
Nyssaiah Dunn: 1st in 15yd freestyle
Trevor Trundy: 1st in 25yd backstroke, 2nd in 25yd freestyle, 1st in relay 4x 25 team
Levi Alley: 1st in 25 freestyle, 2nd in 50 freestyle, 3rd in 50 backstroke
Zoey Nevells: 1st in 25 freestyle, 1st in 50 freestyle, 1st in 50 backstroke, 1st in relay 4×25 team
Abbie Stanley: 2nd in 100 freestyle, 2nd in 25yd freestyle, 3rd in 50yd freestyle, 1st in relay 4×25 team
Bailey Fallica: 1st in 25yd freestyle, 2nd in 50yd freestyle, 1st in relay 4×25 team
Teddy Holcomb: 2nd in 15yd assisted
Connor Hughes: 1st in 100yd freestyle, 1st in 25 butterfly, 1st in 50yd freestyle
Elijah Allen: 1st in 15yd float, 1st in 25yd float
Nathan Boyington: 1st in 25yd freestyle, 1st in 25yd backstroke
Grace Fallica: Participated

The Bubblers Relay Team

The Bubblers Relay Team

Congratulations to all of our Blue Lobsters Swimmers and thank you to everyone who helped make it possible!