Swim Lessons

Swim Class

Preschool Lessons

Preschool Lessons are for children aged 6 months to five years.


Swimmer is between 6 months and four years old, never had swim lessons before and/or needs one on one with the Parent in the water.


Swimmer is three to five years old (pre-school age), requires or wears floatation in the pool, can be in a class environment with an instructor.


Swimmer is three to five years old, has completed Pre-School Level One and/or mastered the skills of Preschool I, is comfortable and safe in shallow water, does not require floatation.

Progressive Lessons

Progressive Lessons are for children aged 5 years old and older.


Swimmer is at least four years old to pre-teen, has completed Pre-School Level Two skills, does not need floatation, is comfortable in the shallow water, has basic swimming skills such as glides and putting their face in the water.


Swimmer has completed Progressive Level One, can demonstrate 25 yards of freestyle stroke and backstroke, can demonstrate underwater swimming, can demonstrate a safe jumping and/or diving water entry.